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Westlaw – Case Law Research for Students (온라인) Online

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Westlaw – Case Law Research for Students (Korean)

Westlaw에서 case 를 효율적으로 검색하고 검토하는 방법을 안내합니다.



Mina Park


Date & Time

2022.10.25 10:30



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  • Understand the coverage of cases available on Westlaw Classic.
  • Use WestSearch to find cases.
  • Navigate and filter search results.
  • Sort results list.
  • Understand the difference between reported and unreported cases.
  • Ascertain what KeyCite Flags represent.
  • Navigate a case document.
  • Navigate KeyCite tabs.
  • Print and download cases content.
  • Understand and utilize Key Numbers to find cases quickly and efficiently.
  • Finding Help and Support.
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시간 Time:
10:30 - 11:10
Time Zone:
Japan, Korea (change)
This is an online event.
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대상 Audience:
  대학원 재학생 Graduate students     학부 재학생 Undergraduates  
행사구분 Categories:
  이용교육 > 전자정보  

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