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Opening Hours
Saturday, Apr 20
정석학술정보관 Jungseok Library
정석라운지 Lounge (1F)9am – 5pm
주제정보실 Information Center (2F ~ 4F)9am – 5pm
멀티미디어센터 Multimedia Center (5F)마감 Closed
국제회의장 Convention Center (6F)행사 시 At the event
일반열람실 Reading Room (B1)24 Hours
보존서고 Repository (B2)폐가제 운영 Closed
법학도서관 Law Library
법학정보실 Information Center마감 Closed
전자정보실 Electronic Commons마감 Closed
세미나실 Seminar Room마감 Closed
의학도서관 Medical Library
의학정보실 Information Center마감 Closed
병원도서관 Hospital Library마감 Closed


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